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The Mood Gun

Over the past few months in the Modo forums there have been some incredibly talented artist who have been showing off the new MOP Boolean plugin. Seeing all the cool guns motivated me into joining in on the fun. So I mad this using the MOP Boolean plugin in Modo 11.1 and this is my entry into the MOP Boolean Gun Club.

For this gun the concept was simple. To make a smaller, sleeker, sexier and a little silly looking kind of a futuristic Walther PPK sized gun (granted it looks nothing like the PPK). Something that an assassin could use in say a futuristic Kill Bill 3. The Mood Gun is considerably dangerous yet none lethal. Various setting allow the user to alter or enhance the mood of a subject.

Boom! Lost a year and a half of data.

Back up your server files often people!
I’ll try to re-post the lost continent as I remember it.
Previous links will be broken and the posting order maybe incorrect from Feb 2016 to Oct 2017.

Burning Man Art Car Concept

The Expelled

the-expelled_smAnother attempt at futuristic Art Nouveau. Has it really been over a year?

The Hyper Magnetics

Ultimate Nullifier


Built the Ultimate Nullifier this past Sunday in modo and rendered it last night.

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modo 601 and ZBrush 4R2 test

















Modeled the Danzig skull in ZBrush and brought it into the latest version of Modo to test the cell shader renderer.







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DierveK is my name Kev Reid backwards.
The reason I use DierveK?

Enter my full name “Kevin Reid” in google… you will get over one million results and I’m very rarely on the front page.
now try Kev Reid… nicely my site is normally the first result in google, but oddly there are over eight million results.
So there are a lot of us Kevin & Kev Reid’s out there.
But only one DierveK as far as I know.