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Photogrammetry: Building at Camp George West

by DierveK

A photogrammetry scan from Camp George West in Golden Colorado. This time of a small building. No editing in any external 3D program. For this I was testing Reality Captures point cloud optimization. Went from over 1.1M faces to 100k faces. There is some noticeable loss of resolution at 100k if you zoom in close enough but other than that not too bad. It would be a nice if you could highlight the areas that you would like more detail in Reality Capture.
Here are some other scans from Camp George West. Cannon at Camp George West v1 test The Other Cannon at Camp George West
Created in RealityCapture by Capturing Reality from 143 images in 00h:19m:02s.

One week later…

Mold has taken over.

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Project 77sevens High Angle Photos Part: 1

This is an old project that I have been meaning to repost here in a full collection. Back around 2007 I built a giant 16 FT mono-pod to use with a SLR digital Canon Rebel camera. I built the mono pod using PVC tubing reinforced with 4 FT wooden dowel sections for flexible reinforcement, all in all it cost about $15.00 to build. Durring 2007 & 08 I took it around Boston and used it for the photos you see below.

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Quad Copter Stuff


Lost control of my Phantom quad copter sending it to a ridiculous height and it took this photo.

Lost a soulja at Fort Union, NM

broken wideangle
Had this lens for almost four years until the wind knocked over my tripod yesterday. I do take a lot of photos for reference material but I’m no photographer so it’s the only lens I have/had besides the kit lens. I’m definitely going to get a new one, you never miss what you are shooting with it.

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High Angle Photos of Fort Union NM

Fort Union1
Panoramic high angle photo of the Mechanics Corral area of Fort Union taken with an 18′ giant monopod.

fort union2
Panoramic photo at a normal angle of the same area.

You can find Fort Union north of Las Vegas NM off of I-25

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White Sands Missile Range

white sands rocket cam
Old camera tracking telescope called The IGOR (“eye-gore”) it was used to recorded experiments at high speed up to 100 miles away. Active from 1951 to 1965

white sands rocket1
If you are ever in the White Sands area check out the rocket park museum.

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Salinas Pueblo Missions Ruins

Wide angle and high wide angle photos from the Salinas Pueblo Missions Ruins.

Here is the same structure from Gran Quivira as above from a higher wide angle shot.
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Time Displacement 1894 to 2009