Sword of Omens & Claw Shield

sword of omens and claw shield

Had some fun building this so I could acclimating myself to some of the new features of 501. You can find the WIP here.
Even with production sketches it was trickier than I thought it would be to model in 3D, I thought I would knock it out in less than a day.
Something kind of cool that I noticed while researching this subject is that the show had a heavy art nouveau style to it.
That was something I was completely unaware of as a youngster and It’s a style I really like as an adult.
So now I’m wondering if this show had an influence on that?

sword of omens and claw shield

here are some wires and reference material showing how I put it all together.

original production art from the cartoon.

close up showing modo 501 new PSud subdisplacement.

wire frame of the “Sword of Omens”

clawshild cells
the claw shield

claw shild wire1
claw shild wire2
wire frames of the claw shield

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  1. wildfire047
    wildfire047 says:

    I would love to have a replica  of the sowrd of omen that you design.. can it be made for sale??

  2. SeppKrautinger
    SeppKrautinger says:

    Wow, this is very impressive! As a papercraft fan i would love to get my hands on this model to unfold it for crafting it with cardboard:) Do you think there is a chance for that?

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