Digital Design

Here is a collection of digital content that was used for corporate micro sites, landing pages, newsletters and social media. Some of these pieces were also re-purposed for print and other uses.

– Starz Entertainment Social Media –

WHO: Starz Entertainment  ROLE: Interactive Designer  TOOLS: Photoshop

– The Rook Video Posters –

WHO: Starz Entertainment  ROLE: Interactive Designer TOOLS: After Effects

Here is an example of animating a character poster. This is from the first season of “The Rook” a supernatural spy drama. The above two examples are the ones I tackled from a set of five. This project had a quick turnaround of two days. Two other designers handled the other three from the set. One working on the other two character posters and another focused on animating the primary key art.

– ROKU –

WHO: IMM  ROLE: Designer  TOOLS: Photoshop

A social media awareness campaign for ROKU now offering HBO on their ROKU streaming device. Designs consisted of 8 hero images of current HBO original programing in two different styles (as seen above). The hero’s were later repurposed for a banner ad campaign.

– The North Face –

WHO: The North Face  ROLE: Interactive Designer TOOLS: Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript

Untitled Document

Teamed up with Factory Labs's North Face art director to create the layout and animations for the various versions. All the animation is code based. I have set these banners to loop indefinitely. Normally they play twice than freeze on the last frame.

Here’s the banner campaign in the wild during a takeover of

– Spartacus –

WHO: Starz Entertainment  ROLE: InteractiveDesigner  TOOLS: Photoshop, HTML

This was used for the Spartacus summer replay that aired before the final season of Spartacus. It was used on Facebook, twitter, newsletters, emails, and the Starz home page.

YouTube reskin for the Spartacus Summer Replay that aired before the final season of Spartacus.

Mid season catch up marathon. Variations of this piece were used on Facebook, twitter, newsletters, emails, and the Starz home page.

This was an email invitation used for a sneak preview of the new season of Spartacus.
The sneak preview was shown at a select local theater in the targeted region.

– Encore –

WHO: Starz Entertainment  ROLE: Interactive Designer  TOOLS: Photoshop

I pushed the design for Encore’s “the spotlight series” heroes to make them take better use of keyart and studio art/photography they were used for the corporate site, microsites, landing pages, newsletters and social media.

– Work –

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