WHO: Me  ROLE: Designer  TOOLS: Modo, Photoshop

-The Sonic Disruptor Hand Cannon-

Here is a personal project I did a few years back. If I remember correctly I wanted to build a ray gun that had a 50′s Sci-Fi feel to it. I ended up building something that looked more like it fired sound. You ever see those microphones on the sidelines of an NFL game? You know the ones with the giant clear plastic dish? That’s kind of what it reminded me of, so a Sonic Disruptor it was.

The Disruptor got a little attention in 2011, the SyFy channel noticed it and was nice enough to twitter it and post it on their website also luxology (now The Foundry) the makers of Modo (the 3D program I used for this project) used it for promotional work on their web site.

– Hyper Magnetics v1 –

This was the result of my experiment with cinemagraphs.

– Ultimate Nullifier –

While doing research on the object I noticed there is no true consistent look or build for this device.