– Ultimate Nullifier –

Company: NA/Personal Project  Year: 2014  Skills: Concept, 3D Modeling, Retouching  Tools: Modo, Photoshop

Since every attempt at a Fantastic Four movie has been as successful as canning a wet fart. I thought it was a good idea to model one of the greatest nerd weapons in the universe.

While doing research on the object I noticed there is no true consistent look or build for this device.

One thing I noticed was every new interpretation of the device was a move away from Jack Kirby’s (the creator of the Nullifier and a good chunk of the classic Marvel universe) truly alien shape. So what I ended up building is somewhat of a hodgepodge of the various incarnations. I would like to come back to this and build a version that is closer to Kirby’s original version. I think Kirby had it right with his approach to illustrating all his alien devices in abstract shapes. Doing so made them look… well truly alien.

Customary wire image of the model to show off my air tight clean topology.