Apple Weapons Lab v2

this is a model I built a few years ago. The concept was: what would an iphone look like if it was the shape of a hockey puck. I was testing a new lighting kit so I’ve been going though older projects that I remember being a pain lighting to see how they fare with the new kit. So this is more of an exercise in re-lighting and re-rendered. I also was not happy with previous UI of the device so it’s been modified as well.

My apologies Apple-

The Mood Gun

Over the past few months in the Modo forums there have been some incredibly talented artist who have been showing off the new MOP Boolean plugin. Seeing all the cool guns motivated me into joining in on the fun. So I mad this using the MOP Boolean plugin in Modo 11.1 and this is my entry into the MOP Boolean Gun Club.

For this gun the concept was simple. To make a smaller, sleeker, sexier and a little silly looking kind of a futuristic Walther PPK sized gun (granted it looks nothing like the PPK). Something that an assassin could use in say a futuristic Kill Bill 3. The Mood Gun is considerably dangerous yet none lethal. Various setting allow the user to alter or enhance the mood of a subject.

Some nice comments over in reddit’s Imaginary Technology subreddit!

Hypothetical Arcade Games V1

Here is the first set from a series of Hypothetical Arcade Games. It’s still a work in progress but figured some are far enough along to post some renders.

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Rotary Mobile (matchbook remix)

Re-composition of the Analog Rotary Mobile Phone I re-rendered last week I thought it needed some extra stuff laying around it.
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Retro Sonic Disruptor Hand Cannon

sonic disrupter

sonic disrupter2
Been kind of busy this past month had some free time today to build something in modo. And here are early renders of what i knocked together. I call it the Sonic Disruptor hand cannon. I have some other idea on how to texture this. Hopefully I’ll get around to it sometime this week or next. Also built a new computer over the past couple of weeks and have not moved my texture library over to the new machine. So I used the wallpaper from this site in the texture for the plain that the gun is resting on.
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Analog Rotary Mobile Phones

anolog rotary cell phones
anolog rotary cell phone

Been learning  Modo over the past couple of months.
3Ds Max you are so yesterday!

1st Modo project test.

firts modo project

My first modo modeling and rendering. pulled original roman texture from a photo i took at the MFA.