The Apple Orb: precognitive computing

The new paradigm of precognitive computing. Introducing “The Apple Orb”!
Goodbye keyboard, touch screen, and video display.
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Analog Notebook

Modeled a notebook that I do the majority of my sketches in. I then decided to play around with modo’s animation tools. Nothing exciting just a notebook spinning around. The top page is a current side project that’s in my current notebook. The concept on the notebook is inspired by an old SNL skit I watched recently.
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Retro Sonic Disruptor Hand Cannon

sonic disrupter

sonic disrupter2
Been kind of busy this past month had some free time today to build something in modo. And here are early renders of what i knocked together. I call it the Sonic Disruptor hand cannon. I have some other idea on how to texture this. Hopefully I’ll get around to it sometime this week or next. Also built a new computer over the past couple of weeks and have not moved my texture library over to the new machine. So I used the wallpaper from this site in the texture for the plain that the gun is resting on.
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Update: Hanging Neo-Diner Set



Alright this afternoon I added some extra stuff here. If I had the time and a more powerful computer I would build out the entire facility.
Also this morning I filled a couple of pages of my sketch book with other ideas for furniture.
So I will probably be modeling some of that in the future.

Hanging Neo-Diner Set



I had a dream the other night that I was in a diner or restaurant that had all the tables and chairs hanging from the ceiling. So I modeled and rendered this today in modo. These are early renders with very little UV mapping involved. There are other ideas I would like to explore here so I think I will be coming back to this project in the near future.

St. Patrick’s Day Redux

shamrock bot

Built this last year in 3Ds Max.

Three Wolf Spider Moon T Shirt

three spiderwolf moon t shirt
Another bad idea and when I say bad I mean awful.
Built in modo 401.

Dexter vs Dexter’s Lab or Dexter Math?

dexter math

dexter dvd

A Little more DVD fun using modo.

Play Unreal Basterds Inglourious Tournament

Unreal Basterds Inglourious Tournament

Unreal Basterds Inglourious Tournament

Rendered in modo 401 got the idea after seeing the Italian version of the “Inglourious Basterds” movie poster.
It reminded me of the cover art for “Unreal Tournament”

Golden Hearts





Old model updated in modo 401