3D Illustration & Design

I primarily use 3DS Max and MODO for all my modeling/texturing/rendering and I have been learning and becoming competent with C4D. I’m also familiar with Arnold, Z Brush, and the Unreal Engine.

– Wilde Chips –

WHO: Wilde Brands  ROLE: 3D Design & Motion Design  TOOLS: C4D, Photoshop, After Effects

Intended for social media and email. The noteworthy thing about this is that it was the first time I fully used C4D and the Arnold Render Engine in a project.

– Dymatize –

WHO: AGD  ROLE: 3D Design  TOOLS: C4D, Illustrator, Photoshop

Working parallel with creative director we quickly iterated designs for packaging and display cases. For this project I modeled, textured and rendered the packaging in C4D.

– Mood Gun –

WHO: Me  ROLE: 3D Design  TOOLS: Modo, Photoshop

For this gun the concept was simple. To make a smaller, sleeker, sexier and a little silly looking kind of a futuristic Walther PPK sized gun (granted it looks nothing like the PPK). After creating the gun I wanted to include a forced “pareidolia” with the lipstick kiss mark near the sunglasses.

– You & Me Pet Food –

WHO: Moxie Sozo  ROLE: 3D Design  TOOLS: Modo, Photoshop

Here is a nice example of product packaging ideation that I did for Moxie Sozo.

– Analog Rotary Mobile Phone –

PUBLISHED: 3D Total  ROLE: 3D Design  TOOLS: Modo, Photoshop

I’m a big fan of anachronistic devices. The most popular form of this is steam punk. However I think re-envisioning devices should not be limited to just that genre or time period. Here is my concept of a 1960’s mobile phone. This was my second attempt at the idea I built an earlier version in Max that had ergonomic “problems” . What you are seeing here was built, textured and rendered in modo.

– Pop Culture Arcade Games –

WHO: Me  ROLE: 3D Design  TOOLS: Modo, Photoshop

This self initiated project was part of a grander project of building an arcade of fictional games based on either Movies, TV, or pop culture. Breaking Bad being one of my favorite shows I went a little further and altered the shows key art.

– Da Vinci’s Demons –

WHO: Starz Entertainment  ROLE: 3D Modeling  TOOLS: Modo, Photoshop

3D modeled the Da Vinci Wings for compositing into Da Vinci’s Demons key art. After modeling the wings I gained a whole new level of respect for how thoroughly Da Vinci envisioned devices.

– Work –

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