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Here is a collection of mostly self-initiated projects that although related do not fit in the other categories of this site. Most of the examples here are experimental and might not work in your browser or viewing device. I like to tool around with new mediums/technology/concepts and explore what is possible with them. The results are often ugly and/or incomplete to confidently share with others. These examples here are the exceptions (they work and are not that ugly) although they all could use a more polish.

– Breaking Bad cooking location To’Hajiilee Google Street View –

WHO: Me  ROLE: Design  TOOLS: HTML, Photoshop

Took a trip with my brother a few years ago (2014ish oh here is the post) to ABQ to see some breaking bad filming locations. around 2016 I happened to once again be in ABQ, this time with a 360 photo camera and free time so I decided to take some shots of the Breaking Bad cooking location.

I wanted to try to match a shot from the show and composite Walt, Jesse and the RV. I wanted to do something like this for some time and thought about the problems and possible best practices.  Matching a shot is tricky for a number of reasons some of the big ones being: matching the location of the camera, the lens of the camera and lighting. Say you found the precise location and height of the camera it still wont match perfectly because of the difference in lenses. As for the lighting, you could shoot at the same time of day as when they filmed but it’s a different day of the year from when they filmed so the sun will be in a different location. On top of all that they might digitally alter the background in post production and there is no way I can think of matching that outside of recreating that digital work.

So with that in mind finding the shot you would like to match I thought it would be best to use a nice wide shot and note the time of day when it was shot from the shadows. This was my first attempt at doing this, it’s not perfect but I think the end results were not that bad. I had posted this as a 360 photo back in 2016 but I had a database problem last year and lost that post so I’m now reposting it. This time I’m using Google Street view.

– Photogrammetry: Building at Camp George West –

WHO: NA/Self  ROLE: Photogrammetry  TOOLS: Reality Capture

by DierveK

A photogrammetry scan from Camp George West in Golden Colorado. No editing in any external 3D program. For this I was testing Reality Captures point cloud optimization. Went from over 1.1M faces to 100k faces. There is some noticeable loss of resolution at 100k if you zoom in close enough but other than that not too bad. It would be a nice if you could highlight the areas that you would like more detail in Reality Capture.

– Cannon at Camp George West –

by DierveK

Another photogrammetry scan from Camp George West in Golden Colorado. There was no editing in any external 3D program so another raw scan. No optimization.
Created in Reality Capture from 281 images.

– Work –

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