The Mill Girl of Manchester NH 2017 vs 2024

This is what “The Mill Girl” looks like as of Jan 4th 2024 and below is what or how it was presented back in 2017. Documenting it’s different positions was an unintended use for this technology from me. I do find it interesting seeing the difference. Personally I think the statue is more effective not on a pedestal.

You can see other (old) photogrammetry models and more here on my sketchfab page. 

Gaussian Splat Test: Around Salem, MA

12 April 2024 Edit: The following info about Gaussian Splats is inaccurate. It’s my first raw assessment capturing Splats and using the Kiri engine. I’m leaving it up for provenance and possibly well deserved ridicule. For instance: as with photogrammetry the more quality data or captured content you have the better. Quality being the key word here. If  your images are all over the place with the camera settings you will get poor results. I had my camera on auto at this time. That’s what gave the bad results with the F-stop and light metering changing with the extra orbits. Always lock your camera settings when capturing an area.

I have been exploring the use of Gaussian Splats over the holiday and have become addicted to capturing whatever I can with some interesting first results. Notice the reflection of the binocular stand in the puddle, this would be impossible to capture with photogrammetry & LiDAR. Read more

Unreal Engine Camp George West Test Video

Unreal Engine test animation using photogrammetry assets scanned at Camp George West in Golden Colorado. I also added some environmental sounds.

Here’s one of the photogrammetry scans I took about 6 years ago with zero poly cleanup. I did clean and optimized the models for the above  Unreal Engine animation. You can see the other photogrammetry models and more here on my sketchfab page. 

Cesium plugin for Unreal Engine post on Linkedin

My post on Linkedin about the Cesium plugin using Google Maps API for Unreal Engine.
check it out here

Hey I graduated from the Unreal for Filmmakers Connectors Cohort 17

Here is a link to the Blockchain proof 

Great class great instructors. Check them out if you are looking for instruction. They are the only authorized training centers in the USA.

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