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Film Noir with Midjourney

Wanted to see what Midjourney AI art generation could do with text prompts with the intent to create a Film Noir look. Took a little coaxing about an hour or so but in the end I got some results that I think are pretty impressive.

The Echolenz Project Update.

Alright the Echolenz project is coming along. As mentioned in a previous post about the 360 plugin braking well it turns out the plugin it’s self did not break it just does not work well with the “Elementor” website builder. Elementor does do some great things but it still fells bloated so I’m just going […]

The Echolenz Project

Welcome to the Echolenz project. I have owned various 360 cameras over the past ten or so years and have taken many Gigs worth or footage but have largely never posted/shared any of that content. Much of it in truth is garbage but some of it I think is worth sharing with the world. One […]