Golden History Museum: 1949 Simplex Film Projector

This is an old film projector that was in use at the Golden’s Gem Theatre back in the 1940’s. The location of the theater is now occupied by a coffee shop, restaurants and small businesses.

Badge Pirates are real

It’s just like that old saying “what is old is new and what is new is old and someone used my rotary mobile phone”. Last year a buddy of mine passed along an old 3D project to a bunch of hacker code crackers who make fancy badges for their cyber security conventions. They contacted me to ask if they could repurpose my rotary mobile design that indecently was published in 3D Total a decade ago for a badge. How can you say “No” to hackers? They’re modern day wizards that can take all your bitcoin in a blink of an eye! (haha jokes on them I don’t have any)

Anyways this was the end result with active electronics that were used for a scavenger hunt.
They did a great job!

Now can a hacker hack this wallet by filling it with bitcoin?!

The Double Volt Gaussian Post

Here are a couple of Gaussian Splat captures of my 2015 Chevy Volt. The greatest electric/gas combo vehicle to ever roll down a road. Above is captured on Zion Mt in Golden Colorado on the road to Lookout Mt. It’s a little hard to tell but we are above the clouds here. We get a few days a year when there is a thick carpet of fog that hugs the towns and cities on the Front Range and you can drive up a mountain to see blue skies. Below is outside the American Legion post 21 on a cold Saturday morning also in Golden.

Camp George West in Golden, Colorado

Revisited Camp George West in Golden Colorado. You might recognize this building in some of my other posts here on this site.
I most recently used it in this test Unreal Engine video.

Unreal Engine test animation using photogrammetry assets scanned at Camp George West in Golden Colorado. I also added some environmental sounds.

Gaussian Splat Test: Around Salem, MA

12 April 2024 Edit: The following info about Gaussian Splats is inaccurate. It’s my first raw assessment capturing Splats and using the Kiri engine. I’m leaving it up for provenance and possibly well deserved ridicule. For instance: as with photogrammetry the more quality data or captured content you have the better. Quality being the key word here. If  your images are all over the place with the camera settings you will get poor results. I had my camera on auto at this time. That’s what gave the bad results with the F-stop and light metering changing with the extra orbits. Always lock your camera settings when capturing an area.

I have been exploring the use of Gaussian Splats over the holiday and have become addicted to capturing whatever I can with some interesting first results. Notice the reflection of the binocular stand in the puddle, this would be impossible to capture with photogrammetry & LiDAR. Read more

Hey I graduated from the Unreal for Filmmakers Connectors Cohort 17

Here is a link to the Blockchain proof 

Great class great instructors. Check them out if you are looking for instruction. They are the only authorized training centers in the USA.

What have I been up to?

Taking a class on Unreal World Building, Filming and Virtual Production Development @

Film Noir with Midjourney

Wanted to see what Midjourney AI art generation could do with text prompts with the intent to create a Film Noir look. Took a little coaxing about an hour or so but in the end I got some results that I think are pretty impressive.

The Echolenz Project

Welcome to the Echolenz project. I have owned various 360 cameras over the past ten or so years and have taken many Gigs worth or footage but have largely never posted/shared any of that content. Much of it in truth is garbage but some of it I think is worth sharing with the world. One of the things I like to do with a 360 camera is match a shot from either a historical photo or scene from a film or TV show. I’ve shot a number of them some are good and some well let’s not talk about them. I did build a wordpress website to host these 360s but the 360 plugin broke so I’m currently looking for a workaround, so this page is kind of a place holder. Also if you are someone interested in compositing/editing content in 360 or staging a shot for compositing I’m happy to help.

Shilling Megaweapon part II

Made some low cost vinyl stickers for grassroots public awareness.
Yes this too is a recycled idea from this old meme
that inspired the filming of this movie