ZBrush to modo test

Testing Zbrush edge loops for hard surface modeling and seeing how well they transfer to modo. It does a fine job at cutting irregular shapes although the poly count is still somewhat high
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Quad Copter Stuff


Lost control of my Phantom quad copter sending it to a ridiculous height and it took this photo.

Tooling around with Sculptris, ZBrush, and Modo


As of late I have been tooling around with Sculptris Alpha 6 and ZBrush on the side. Here is something I have whipped up then rendered in modo. Sculptris is truly an amazing program it dynamically adds polygons as you model and it’s insanely easy to pick up and use. I made this cowboy/minotaur after three or so hours of using Sculptris for the first time.


Chick-fil-A Speed Test

Chick-fil-A render

I wanted to see how long it would take me to model and texture something random. So I grabbed whatever I could snag on the desk to the left of me without looking. An unused Honey Mustard Sauce pack was what I happened to pick up. After 48 minutes I felt I had something that could pass as useful. My end result is far from perfect but very useful for a prop for a future project. The render here that you see took about 20 minutes I did not include that in my time because that is dependent on computer hardware.


High Angle Photos of Fort Union NM

Fort Union1
Panoramic high angle photo of the Mechanics Corral area of Fort Union taken with an 18′ giant monopod.

fort union2
Panoramic photo at a normal angle of the same area.

You can find Fort Union north of Las Vegas NM off of I-25

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White Sands Missile Range

white sands rocket cam
Old camera tracking telescope called The IGOR (“eye-gore”) it was used to recorded experiments at high speed up to 100 miles away. Active from 1951 to 1965

white sands rocket1
If you are ever in the White Sands area check out the rocket park museum.

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Salinas Pueblo Missions Ruins

Wide angle and high wide angle photos from the Salinas Pueblo Missions Ruins.

Here is the same structure from Gran Quivira as above from a higher wide angle shot.
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