The Tide 6 Pack

A little late to jump on the “Tide Pod challenge” but here is my idea for future bad packaging for Tide.

Whiteboard Sketch #5

New whiteboard sketch, I would like to model this one if I had the free time. Messed up on the hand holding the scissors, you don’t hold scissors like that.

Modo-dog action figure first MOP Booleans experiment

First MOP Booleans experiment. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to create points of articulation on a solid model for 3D printing. Turns out it’s quite simple after you create articulation cut pieces.

Hypothetical Fully Weaponized iPhone 6

So what’s the big difference between this and earlier iPhone models? Weapons baby! This model has been fully weaponized with four default weapon states (can be upgraded) below is shown the “shuriken” (throwing star) mode.


Steve Jobs was a brilliant man but lets face it, he was a bit of a hippie and held Apple back from this needed feature. The company stated recently that it is happy it can now help defend it’s user base literally.


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Breaking Bad Hypothetical Arcade Game

This morning I composited the arcade machine into the season one key art of Breaking Bad. All modelling, texturing, compositing and rendering was done in Modo 701 with post work in Photoshop CC.

Here is a simplified work process. After finding a high resolution image of the key art I removed Walt and made other small alterations. Brought the image into Modo and matched the perspective and rendered. The whole process took about 2 hours that’s not including the modeling and texturing of the arcade machine.

Here is a wire frame for people who like to look at such things.



Abstract Mechano V1

3-s This is a small personal project to brush up on some hard surface industrial design modeling. With this I wanted to do something a little different with my workflow and that was to model something mechanical without knowing what it would be in the end. I often sketch out ideas before doing anything and that goes for everything from simple banner ads to full 3D projects. This is what I ended up with. To be honest towards the middle I had a general idea that it was going to look like a microscope and I did have to give in and sketch out some ideas for the base.

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Too Many Pens

Small project to familiarize myself with Modo’s instance and particle systems.

Chick-fil-A Speed Test

Chick-fil-A render

I wanted to see how long it would take me to model and texture something random. So I grabbed whatever I could snag on the desk to the left of me without looking. An unused Honey Mustard Sauce pack was what I happened to pick up. After 48 minutes I felt I had something that could pass as useful. My end result is far from perfect but very useful for a prop for a future project. The render here that you see took about 20 minutes I did not include that in my time because that is dependent on computer hardware.