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Reel to Reel Cinemagraph

Reel to Reel Cinemagraph Animated the reels this morning and created a simple cinemagraph. Also modified the model a little more. I noticed that this GIF plays oddly by skipping frames on my Galaxy S6 but plays smoothly on the Galaxy S3  for some reason?

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Reel to Reel



a little preview of something I have been working on. More to come.

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Breaking Bad VR 360 photo: To’Hajiilee, NM

This is a 360 photo sphere. Please feel free to move the image with your mouse, phone or use a VR head set to take a look around. 

The fine folks at Google released some code that allows you to embed 360 photo/video spheres into any website and view it on any modern mobile/desktop browser. I wanted to experiment a little with it and play around with an idea I’ve had this past year of recreating shots from movies/tv shows or classic/historical photos with a 360 photo spheres. I played around with the idea a few years ago using static images in Boston.  There are many better examples of people doing this on line comparing old to new photos even some using video. For example this great video comparing historic footage from the Battle of The Somme WWI but none that I can find doing it with 360 photos or videos. Here I wanted to match a shot from Breaking Bad using a Ricoh Theta S camera. Well as you can see it’s far from perfect, (lighting is not right, the perspective is off) but it’s close enough for a proof of concept, so more to come.

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The Expelled

the-expelled_smAnother attempt at futuristic Art Nouveau. Has it really been over a year?

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The Menace


tm1 Here is a render from an abstract 3D project I have been working on. I was gunning for a futuristic Art Nouveau style in this project. Hopefully I’ll have a few more up soon. -Modeled and rendered in Modo 801.

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Hypothetical Fully Weaponized iPhone 6


So what’s the big difference between this and earlier iPhone models? Weapons baby! This model has been fully weaponized with four default weapon states (can be upgraded) below is shown the “shuriken” (throwing star) mode.

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Ultimate Nullifier



Built the Ultimate Nullifier this past Sunday in modo and rendered it last night.

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Breaking Bad Hypothetical Arcade Game


This morning I composited the arcade machine into the season one key art of Breaking Bad. All modelling, texturing, compositing and rendering was done in Modo 701 with post work in Photoshop CC.

Here is a simplified work process. After finding a high resolution image of the key art I removed Walt and made other small alterations. Brought the image into Modo and matched the perspective and rendered. The whole process took about 2 hours that’s not including the modeling and texturing of the arcade machine.

Here is a wire frame for people who like to look at such things.