Final: Sonic Disruptor Hand Cannon

sonic disruptor
Updated render added new textures, power cells, packaging and user manual.

sonic detail
detail of packaging and manual.

Here is the first label I made for the power cell case it’s a little different in the final render that you see above.
it was inspired by the cat on the old eveready batteries.
and “stink butt” from News Radio.
rendered cells pack

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  1. Paul Wirtz
    Paul Wirtz says:

    Maybe you have truth in advertising but lower 1/2 life means the cells will die faster. Change to Longer?

    half life is time for atomic decay of 1/2 total

    So full charge with 1/2 life of 1 month will only have 1/2 charge in a month 1/4 in 2 months etc.

    Also looks like 10 cells not 8 in pkg.

    BTW Way cool I wouldn’t bother commenting if I did not like it.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Thanks Paul,

    The 8 cells render is from the first render. The final render has the correct amount on it. It would make more sense to have it as loner half life. the initial idea was a lower half life is good for the environment, just trying some good-o’ll green atomic marketing.

  3. Paul Wirtz
    Paul Wirtz says:

    Ok last comment,

    Yep final render is 10 cells.
    Marketing, oh yes Sounds good but really means cells wear out faster and are more radioactive. Yep I can believe that spin.

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