The Oculus Rift VR Development Kit

I received this week the Oculus Rift VR development Kit. For those who may be unfamiliar with the Oculus Rift. It’s basically a head mounted virtual reality device that actually works.
the reason I say “actually works” is that, some of you may remember the hype surrounding VR in the early 90s, unfortunately the idea was ahead of the technology back then. However 20 some odd years later all the technological pieces are now in place for this to be a viable media platform.

Old Stuff Vol:2

More self initiated illustrations from 06/07
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Too Many Pens

Small project to familiarize myself with Modo’s instance and particle systems.

Old Stuff Vol:1

When I first started the Diervek project back around 06/07 I used Live-Journal to host my work. Seeing how that work is largely dead to the world on those servers I’ve been wanting to post some of the more interesting images here. So what you see below are mostly ink drawings modified in Photoshop. At the time these were made I was working heavily in 3D design at my day job, so in my spare time I drew a lot in ink and experimented in mediums other than 3D.

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Project 77sevens High Angle Photos Part: 1

This is an old project that I have been meaning to repost here in a full collection. Back around 2007 I built a giant 16 FT mono-pod to use with a SLR digital Canon Rebel camera. I built the mono pod using PVC tubing reinforced with 4 FT wooden dowel sections for flexible reinforcement, all in all it cost about $15.00 to build. Durring 2007 & 08 I took it around Boston and used it for the photos you see below.

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ZBrush to modo test

Testing Zbrush edge loops for hard surface modeling and seeing how well they transfer to modo. It does a fine job at cutting irregular shapes although the poly count is still somewhat high
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Quad Copter Stuff


Lost control of my Phantom quad copter sending it to a ridiculous height and it took this photo.

modo 601 and ZBrush 4R2 test

















Modeled the Danzig skull in ZBrush and brought it into the latest version of Modo to test the cell shader renderer.

Tooling around with Sculptris, ZBrush, and Modo


As of late I have been tooling around with Sculptris Alpha 6 and ZBrush on the side. Here is something I have whipped up then rendered in modo. Sculptris is truly an amazing program it dynamically adds polygons as you model and it’s insanely easy to pick up and use. I made this cowboy/minotaur after three or so hours of using Sculptris for the first time.


Lost a soulja at Fort Union, NM

broken wideangle
Had this lens for almost four years until the wind knocked over my tripod yesterday. I do take a lot of photos for reference material but I’m no photographer so it’s the only lens I have/had besides the kit lens. I’m definitely going to get a new one, you never miss what you are shooting with it.